The start

I'm starting lots of new things this year. Instagram is one of them.  Not a big social media user really; I'd rather be outside. When I graduated from college in 2008, Instagram was a twinkle in somebody's eye. Sharing your artwork was a lot different back then and involved phone calls, gallery visits, rejections, more gallery visits, more rejections and much uncertainty.  Now anyone anywhere can share and find people who appreciate what they are doing. It sure makes making art more fun! I have people from all over the world giving me thumbs up and I really appreciate it.

Another new start is a personal website.  Trying to keep it simple and easy to use but I'm definitely a novice. I'm sure it will improve as I live and learn.

This blog will be a spot for me to write about art- which could include anything really. To anyone who has read this far and actually gives a rip about what I am doing, thanks a lot!

Love ya